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Courtside Park


  1. Benches
  2. Pedestrian Path
  3. Picnic Tables
  4. Playground
Courtside Park is a neighborhood park located within a residential neighborhood and near two senior housing developments.

The development of Courtside Park has created a focal point and gathering place for the neighborhood. One side of the park is open to the public street, and the back fences of neighboring houses make up the other three sides. State grants and resident fundraising efforts funded the paths and play equipment.

The following are prohibited in City parks: inflatables (including bounce houses), dunk tanks, water balloons, water slides, egg toss, and open flames (except for barbeque grills).  Barbeque grills may be brought into park facilities but must be gas-powered and must be placed on concrete/asphalt.  Barbeque grills are not provided in City parks.


Courtside Park is 1.91 acres.